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Brian O’Leary is the Global Account Manager at Indium Corporation.  Brian brings with him over a decade of industrial sales, marketing and management experience in North & South America, Mexico and Asia.  Prior to joining Indium, Brian worked for KIC, a manufacturer of thermal profiling equipment. Before KIC, he worked at Sono-Tek, a manufacturer of spray fluxing equipment. He spent much of his time in Asia working in the overseas operations of Western OEMs and CMs.

Drawing upon his experience, both here and abroad, Brian has co-authored, with Michael Limberg, the 2009 Profiling Guide, for the reflow process.  There is a need in this economy for tools that help customers get their process in spec quickly and accurately.  In Asia, he provides solutions to link between whats developed at home and what needs to work abroad. This same knowledge gap is found in the U.S. now where talent is lost. Those remaining behind have little to no experience in developing and maintaining a modern reflow process. Brian had earned his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.