Technician fitting a processor

Paste specs will typically exceed those of components, therefore, much thought is typically not given to component specs until they are literally flying off your PCBs.  Like PCBs, the material of the components plays a role.  I’ve seen more time and effort spent on profiling ceramic packages than I care to remember. When you have a capacitor close to a large ceramic BGA, how do you get the BGA to reflow and still keep the capacitor from looking like popcorn?  One common technique is to isolate each component with its own individual process spec and then run this new setting through the profiling software prediction, as discussed in this prior.  The profiling software will tell you if it is possible to achieve what you want with your given board, paste and oven. Solutions to shield sensitive components and a complete re-design may also be in order. Additionally, the solution might be that you need new equipment that can follow the new process recommendations, allowing for tighter controls and/or more zones.  Your profiler will calculate the possibilities.


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